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Xenia from Recruiting

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Stay curious and in good spirits, because we are too :)

Name: Xenia Wöhry

Working at HSE24 since: October 2017

I recruit the following: corporate functions such as finance, law, reach and HR, sales planning/controlling & business analytics, processes, projects & business development as well asTV production & broadcasting.

My personal tip to applicants: Stay curious and in good spirits, because we are too  :)

Why I like working at HSE24: My job is incredibly interesting and varied because of the many different people and departments I work with. I also appreciate that the whole company is on a first-name-basis, so everyone is treated as equals.

My fun fact: I get up early and I'm full of energy: I regularly go to the gym before work, which gives me the energy I need for work. And when I get tired during the day, I simply walk through our large HSE24 Campus or go up to our roof terraces.

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